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Material Handing Gloves
ART No #SGH-017
Breathable air mesh back hand Dotted silicon palm for maximum grip.
Impact - Anti Vibe Gloves
ART No #SGH-025
Premium all leather fingerless with AV GEL (TM) padding maximizes durability and
Material Handing Gloves
ART No #SGH-018
Maximize breathability and comfort with an all mesh back fingerless design Genui
Task Specific Gloves
ART No #SGH-011
Cut resistance dupont TM Kevlar lining throughout the entire gloveExtensive non-
Fitness Gloves
ART No #SGH-301
Fitness Gloves
Task Specific Gloves
ART No #SGH-005
Made from premium leather, this glove offers great fit, comfort and protection
Weightlifting Belts
ART No #SGH-450
Weightlifting Belts
Impact - Anti Vibe Gloves
ART No #SGH-022
Fingerless anti-vibe split con leather and AVG GEL TM in palmFingerless anti-vib
Mechanics Gloves
ART No #SGH-001
Premium quality washable leather Grip tech patches and palm for abrasion resist
Power Belt
ART No #SGH-401
Power Belt
Welcome To Sheikhan Group Of Industries

We are proud of our history as the oldest gloves company in Pakistan. In addition to the strength and experience we have gained from our proud inherited business company since 1914. We are also innovative-providing functional and new vibrant products that enhance your entire glove section. At Sheikhan we have the flexibility to tailor our products and service for your specific needs, while maintaining the deverse resources to serve out braod customer base. We believe in merchandising with a purpose to grab customer's attention, pull them in, help them make the right selection a.. ..


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